Rainy day play


Sheltering from the rain

It’s the penultimate day of my travels. The epic journey that I scarcely planned and had trouble visualising is almost over. I’ve been trying to find the words, or even my true feelings, to describe succinctly what it’s been like, but I’m not there yet. So in the meantime I want to talk about two things, rain and my cultural void.

I arrived in (somewhere in Eastern France, a cultured traveller would know where they are, I just know it begins with the letter E) yesterday in the pouring rain. By the time I’d set up my awning – to be able to cook and open up my van, access stuff etc – I was soaked to the skin. While not ideal I was aware that this was a first on this trip and I relished the new experience. It made me work quickly, which I couldn’t have done at the start of my journey, erecting the goddamn awning then was a feat to be endured. That in turn made me realise how far I’ve come in so many ways (I’m also amazing at getting dressed in a tiny, sodden shower cubicle without wetting my clothes, life skills kids!). Awning up I zipped myself in, put on the few warm clothes I have and settled down to play patience, read and cook. Along with showering I realised that when I’m on the road these are my main activities whatever the weather, but in the rain my options are severely reduced!


So this morning (once again sitting in a damp awning) planning my day it occurred to me that perhaps I should make a last ditch attempt to act like a traveller for once. To actually see some things, so that when people ask ‘ooh, what’s *insert place name here* like?’ I can answer with more than ‘it has quite confusing traffic lights’.

Therefore, in a move I am entitling ‘too little too late is an understatement’, today I’m going to Luxembourg and I’m going to sightsee! Having googled the country/city, I realise it’s probably not the best location to have this epiphany. Photos of endless old buildings and churches were making me feel a little damp inside as well as out, until I found Casemates du Bock. An interestingly names series of underground tunnels. The perfect way to spend a rainy lunchtime while traversing Europe with only thoughts of home on my mind. If I needed any convincing this Google review did the trick…

‘Its basically a cave with many paths. If you are not into it is better not to go. However, the view is great and its a big area down there’

The idea of a great view in a series of tunnels which I have no idea if I might be into ahead of going (out of interest who can say if they are into tunnels or not?!) sealed the deal. And so I leave this campsite (lovely showers, rustic bread) in an unnamed town in Eastern France and head north for the tunnels of Luxembourg (they take Euros right?!) I’ll take lots of photos and report back!

2 responses to “Rainy day play

  1. Thought about you today Rachel……….eat my sandwich’s before I got on the M42….hope you’re fairing better……lol………bet you can’t wait to get back to Sunny Britain…… Safe trip.


    • Ahh bless you! I’m back and so far it’s ok! But I was lucky with the bank holiday weather. I’ve just stowed all my camping stuff back in the garage, sad times!


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