The year of Rach

In 36 days time I get in my car and drive – for two months covering around 5000 miles. I feel like in this next line I should explain why, but I’m not entirely sure I have an answer to that.

What feels like a lifetime ago, just after we welcomed in a new millennium I promised myself that 2010 would be ‘the year of Rach’. All my friends new about it and would ask me what exactly it would entail. To which I said ‘I’m going to take a year off and travel the world!’ In the same way a 5 year old says ‘I’m going to be a footballer’. I had no inkling of where I might want to travel and made no effort to save any money, but as a single parent I had this ‘Year of Rach’ as a goal to work towards. The kids would have flown the nest and I could do the same I told myself.

2010 came and went and I was in no position financially or personally to even think about taking off. I was in a relationship, I had a good job, I was enjoying my life just the way it was. In 2014 I began doing a PhD, and though the goal posts had moved I told myself I would finally take that year off, to finish my research and maybe do a bit of travelling. I started saving to finance this plan, and boy and am I glad I did because at the end of 2015 my (second) marriage ended excruciatingly. If ever I needed a dream to cling onto it was then.

So here we are in 2017, I left my job in December, my PhD is nearly done, and on the 21st of June I take my Berlingo (converted into a micro camper) and set sail (go in the euro tunnel) for France, Spain, Menorca, Spain again, more France, Italy, maybe Croatia, and back somehow (I haven’t got that far in my planning yet!). I still don’t know why I’m going, on my own for two whole months, but if I learnt one thing in the last 18 months it’s that change is the only way to grow and growing is the only way to live.


3 responses to “The year of Rach

  1. What an amazing woman you are. You have so much to be proud of. I’m so looking forward to more blogs and enjoy your new journey. The year of Rach is well earned and to be frank about bloody time. Good luck rach enjoy yr time and write more blogs.

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  2. I have always admired your tenacity and just your general attitude towards life. You are an inspiration to me personally
    I know we only met a few times and spoke on many occasions, but I always felt an affinity with you.
    Loving the blog and look forward to catching up with you perhaps in the future xx


    • Ahh thank you for those lovely words, it was always a pleasure having you as part of the show! I’ve no idea what the future holds for me but that’s pretty exciting right now! Xx


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