One Page Wonders

I’m sure most of us have, at some point, thought “right…I’m going to write 100 short stories in 10 days!” Most of us have probably also woken up to the enormity of that challenge and seen the light. Not Rachel New, Birmingham Literature Festival’s writer in residence, Heart FM presenter, and Creative Writing MA student. She has bravely/foolishly committed herself to do just that! She will be in the Library of Birmingham EVERYDAY of the Festival from the 2nd – 11th October, in the Book Rotunda writing short stories on demand. She will need lots of encouragement, inspiration and hopefully, helpful suggestions from all you literature lovers out there.

If you want to send Rachel a short story idea, you can tweet her @Rachel_New, post it on the One Page Wonders Facebook page, or come and see her in person. It is hoped that ‘One Page Wonders’ will produce stories of comedy, crime, horror, drama, science fiction, epic voyages through history or even steampunk. You don’t need to have a story idea to come and see her; she will be on Level 2 in the Book Rotunda with her desk, laptop, and possibly her cat mascot may make a re-appearance.

Once Rachel has completed a story she will be posting it to her blog site. You can find the site here. She will also be printing out the stories each day for you to take away with you. We wish her the very best of luck.


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