30 Days of Words

You know how people have a 5 year plan?? Well I started one in September 2008. My future, I believed, was firmly rooted in writing. I’m going to be a novelist I decided.

I enrolled on a creative writing course. I gave myself a year to finish first book, another year to get it published and year to write the next one (which in my heard would be the best seller, the first one, though critically acclaimed and worthy of a second commision from my pubisher would not make me much money) Year 4, which we’re already a month into would be all about success, enough to retire from radio (my current profession) and year 5 would probably be spent abroad, writing the first book in a trilogy. Unburdened by the constraints of routine or an employer my creativity and talent would reach new depths.

The reality of course is very different. I’ve written many short stories, a few poems and often revised my elaborate and unrealistic plan. What I haven’t done is ever produced a good synopsis for a novel, or even got further than 10,000 words. So when I heard about National Novel Writing Month, I thought is was possibly my last hope to getting the plan back on schedule. So here goes…wish me luck!

To learn more about National Novel Writing Month click here!

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